Today sees the launch of our new web design build for the Animals’ Refuge in Wetheral, Carlisle. While there’s a lot of content still to be integrated as the website grows its presence and develops a following, the foundations are in place and we’re really pleased with what we managed to achieve in the timeframe available to us.

As a company, Colourmedia was made to build beautiful, effective websites for smaller businesses. The goal was to improve customer experiences online, guide business owners through SEO and social media marketing and create something that was genuinely nice to use. However, charities have always been a big thing for us too, and with a team that consists entirely of loving pet owners, the Animals’ Refuge was extremely close to our hearts. That’s why we’re so proud of this one.

We worked closely with a brief given to us by the refuge’s new director and the main aim was to create something that was simple, clear and concise for users. The refuge has a huge following in the community, but we felt its online presence could be improved and that we could give those supporters a better insight into how the refuge operates.

Each animal has its own profile page and the necessary details for prospective owners to find their perfect friend. There’s also a great deal of new and important information displayed on the website, but we’ve kept this as clear as possible with definitive categories and sections. The refuge has always hoped to help out in the community and inform pet owners on new and emerging issues facing animals, and we felt the website was the best place to make all of this information accessible to the public and let them know that it’s there: that the refuge can support them and that they are always welcome to share the stories of their own pets. It’s important for the public to know how much the Animals’ Refuge values them and that if we are going to create a brighter future for animals across the UK, we need to work together, helping and supporting one another as we move forward with animal welfare.

We hope we’ve done the charity justice and we hope to continue to help them and their residents in every way that we’re able. To find out how you can support them, head straight over to the website for a list of ways you can help and donate.

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