A lot of web design clients miss out on expertise and a wide range of skillsets by having a very exact and precise design in mind for their website. Don’t get us wrong – knowing what you want in a website is absolutely a good thing if you’re looking to get one built. You should have a concept of what you want before you approach a web design agency, but this is the thing we’ve come to realise is really important: Stop thinking in terms of what you want your website to look like – stop thinking you want it to look like this other specific website, or do what your competitors’ websites do – and start thinking about what your business goals are and what you want to achieve. Think about what you want your customers to experience and what you want them to feel toward you, your company and products. What do you want to accentuate? What are the strengths of your business? What do you have that your competitors don’t?

This is how we get the recipe for your perfect website. This is how we get a website that functions in harmony with your business objectives and company ethos. It’s all too easy for people to see a feature on a rival’s website and think, I need that too! Maybe you will need that feature, maybe it’s the key to their web presence, or conversion rate, or maybe it’s simple ease-of-use for the customer.

Or maybe it’s a waste of money and counter-productive. A lot of companies get all glassy-eyed for the bells and whistles that are tacked onto websites unnecessarily. At their worst, these features can slow down the website’s load times, frustrate the user and be really expensive to implement. At best, they look a bit fancy.

Sometimes you need the experience of a web designer to tell you what you need and what you don’t need. If you focus on what you and your business excel at, and keep in mind what your priorities are and how you want to present the company, your web designer can create something stunning, functional and highly effective. And that’s how we nail it.

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