Our mission is to provide bespoke, quality websites for medium, small and local businesses. We want to give these companies a place on the Internet’s front page, right alongside the mainstream giants and high street brands.

We have a great deal of experience working on much larger projects, and we frequently still do design and build websites for large international companies, but our speciality is our unique, cost-effective web design for smaller businesses wanting big impact.

We provide great quality regardless of the budget – all of our websites are made to our highest standards, because why would we bother building them if we didn’t want to do them well? But we’ve come up with a hugely flexible set of tariffs that can be tweaked and changed depending on the needs of the business.

Social media and SEO are of huge importance if you’re wanting to get on the front page of Google and drive traffic. They may be Internet buzzwords and your spam box might be filled with all sorts of wonderful and creative offers, but SEO is genuinely important for websites and positioning. If you want to be found on the Internet, you need to be on Google’s first page. We’ve come up with great ways to keep you up to date with your SEO and social media while remaining cost-effective and flexible. We’ll even educate you and get you up to speed with various techniques that you could be saving money on.

We also do branding, logo designs and on-going site maintenance for businesses that are at that stage. For businesses that want to develop a unique, long-lasting brand that sets them apart from the crowd and represents their products with the quality they deserve. We’ve got that covered.

If you’d like to know more about what we do, get some information about how we work and have a free, no-obligation consultation to see how we can help you, get in touch by calling us on 01228 91 20 20 or email info@colourmedia.co.uk. Alternatively, check us out on Twitter!

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