best social media platforms for business

Social media marketing has rapidly become an essential tool for businesses to connect with their customers and build their brand.

But if you’re new to social media, it can be a challenge to know which platforms are best suited to your business. Just one social media business account requires some time and commitment before you see results, so it’s important to invest your efforts in the right one that’s going to best promote your products and services and connect you with your target audience.

So, we’ve created this blog series to guide you through the most popular social media platforms and how they can be optimised to help you achieve your business goals. In this post you’ll learn how to leverage the power of Facebook and Twitter, two of the biggest and most popular social media sites.


facebook for business

What is it?

The biggest player in social media by far, Facebook has roughly 1.55 billion monthly active users, with nearly half of its users active every single day.

Best for: All businesses can benefit from a Facebook page. It gives them access to a vast online community and provides a platform to engage and communicate with their customers.

What to post:

  • Engaging content! Facebook uses an algorithm to decide what each user sees on their newsfeed. The more a user engages (likes, comments and shares) with a business page’s posts, the more likely they will see another post from that page, and visa versa.
  • It’s fine to promote your products or share an offer with on your Facebook page, but spam your fans with sales-driven content all of the time and you run the risk of losing them. Remember, people use Facebook primarily to be entertained, find interesting or informative content and connect with friends, not to be sold to.
  • Instead, grow and engage your audience by being conversational – ask questions, post links to informative and interesting content on your website, share company news and respond customer questions and reviews.
  • Visual posts receive a higher number likes, comments and shares than text posts, so share photos of your product, infographics or a behind-the-scenes style video of what your business does to keep your followers entertained and build your brand.
  • You can reach the audiences that really matter to you using a paid Facebook advertising campaign. You can target your ad to specific user criteria such as age, gender and location, and measure its success with Facebook’s built-in analytics tools.


twitter for business

What is it?

Twitter has 320 million active monthly users and is considered a fast paced, real-time social media. Users post ‘tweets’ – messages limited to 140 characters.

Best for: Companies that want to promote their products, connect with customers, grow their brand, manage their reputation and respond to customer feedback. 

What to post:

  • Tweets only appear at the top your followers’ feeds for about 30 minutes before they are buried under fresher content, so don’t be afraid to tweet several times a day to ensure your tweets are seen and engaged with.
  • If you’re struggling to fit what you want to say into 140 characters, you can use simple tricks to keep within the limit such as using ‘&’ to replace ‘and’, search for shorter synonyms for long words and use Google’s URL shortener when sharing links.
  • Twitter is a highly visual platform, so include images in your tweets to attract attention and drive engagement. Emojis can also make your tweets more visually appealing and help convey the emotion behind what you’re tweeting.
  • Use hashtags (#) to help your tweets get found. Experiment with different hashtags that you think your desired demographic would use to find your product or service. You may find people are talking about your business and a hashtag already exists e.g. #YourBusinessName – make sure you interact with these tweets to show your customers you are listening.
  • Look at what’s ‘trending’ (a hashtag-driven topic that is being mentioned by lots of Twitter users) – be creative in joining in the conversation and making it relevant to your business. Retweet content that you think your followers would enjoy or find useful.
  • Lots of big companies use Twitter to manage their customer service – if someone tweets a complaint they will expect you to write back quickly, so check for mentions frequently and write a personal, human response rather than a scripted one. And if someone tweets something positive about your business, retweet it to all of your followers!

Colourmedia can manage social media for your business

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Our next blog will focus on LinkedIn Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ for business. Like our Facebook page and follow us Twitter to keep up-to-date with our latest news and blog posts!

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