Colourmedia provides digital marketing throughout Cumbria and the UK. Today, the web has as many marketing channels as traditional media. We know the ones that work, and we know how to use them. Through SEO, pay per click (PPC), email, social networking and more, we bring you more customers

There’s a simple reason why we’ve spent so long developing our expertise in web marketing: it’s vital to your success. That’s because a website with no marketing is like a party with no invitations – dead.

Over the last ten years our team has honed its skills in search engine optimisation, taking businesses of all sizes to the top of Google for the search terms they asked for. We’ve leapt on board with Facebook and Twitter, taking advantage of all their benefits while avoiding their many time-wasting pitfalls. We’ve designed gorgeous email marketing templates that grab customers with their visual appeal and we understand how to generate qualified leads from pay per click campaigns, in real volume.

But for ColourmediaSEO is as much a personal passion as a service. Because SEO is a relatively new field, we’re driven to see how much we can achieve, and how well we can perfect our techniques. This approach has taken us to the cutting-edge of SEO, and our clients to no. 1 in customers’ web searches.

Yet the most important part of our web marketing services is still value. We give our clients measurable, cost-effective results that meet their goals – and we can bring you more customers too.