Pay per click management – Get fast results from an expertly managed online ad campaign combined with retargeting. Pay per click lets you leapfrog on to Google’s first page, placing targeted customers just one click away from your products and services.

Many people try to run their own pay per click (PPC) campaign, such as AdWords, but fail to get results. It usually starts with a “free £30” voucher and a hastily put together advert. When the voucher runs out, they keep paying into the account – until several months later when they give up, having wasted hundreds of pounds on a 0.25 click-through ratio.

Pay per click management UK shouldn’t be like that, and it doesn’t have to be for your business.

With our professional PPC campaign management, you get the results you want. Our campaigns are built on know-how and thorough research. We use advanced tools to select the best keywords for your audience. We find out what your competitors are doing, so we can help you beat them. We set up landing pages so that clicking your ad leads to an effective sales pitch. And that’s just the beginning. We also setup and manage retargeting of your ads to make sure your campaign is working at its full potential.

You may also want to take advantage of Google shopping, another platform we have expert experience in.

The rewards are huge. You’ll find more customers – or rather, they’ll find you – and by having a well managed campaign with 5% click-through or more, you’ll also have access to discounted rates, giving you a further edge over your rivals.

We recommend PPC to anyone who wants fast, rewarding results from their online marketing campaign. Talk to us about what we can do for your business.