Social Media UK – Don’t just follow the hype surrounding Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our valuable social network management services give you all of their promotional benefits, but none of the time-wasting distractions.

Social media marketing covers everything from Facebook and Twitter to forums, but it’s the ‘social’ part that’s the important bit – how to use the latest social media tools and applications to connect and engage with your potential client base. Increasingly, visitors will come to your organisation via social media rather than directly to your website as they believe they will get a better feel for the people behind the business, and discover what other people are saying about you!

Many businesses ignore social media marketing, but Colourmedia take a more constructive view – it’s possible for anyone to develop a cost-effective strategy that will get you noticed, engaging with customers and developing brand awareness.

We’ll clearly explain the elements that make up social media marketing, look at how they can be used to your advantage and develop a workable and target-focused plan of action.

Social media marketing and Colourmedia

Our People

We have social media consultants, trainers, designers and copywriters at hand to help deliver your requirements quickly and effectively.

Our Services

There is no escaping the fact that social media marketing takes commitment.

Colourmedia can share your commitment and we have a range of options to suit your needs, including:

Our Technology

Using industry standard ‘open source’ technology means we have the expertise to create a custom social media website exclusively for your business.

These social website exist within your own business domain and allow your customers or employees to share ideas, information and leave feedback.

Our approach

Over the past two years we have approached and consulted local companies regarding their business and social media marketing needs. Based on their feedback, we have created a unique blend of social media marketing services, and as a result, our clients have seen a massive ROI as it has opened new business channels and allowed them to reach and interact more effectively with customers.

For lots more information on our social media expertise, call 01228 91 20 20 to speak to a member of our the team.