We thought we would put together a quick blog to give some email marketing tips for business. Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers without spending too much money; especially at this time of year when Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. It can be an extremely effective way to inform your customers of new offers and developments; as well as encourage new customers. When it comes to generating repeat business and building relationships with your audience then there’s no better way.

  • For the email itself it’s quality not quantity; and making sure the content is interesting and relevant will play a big part in determining if your email marketing is a success. The content must grab the receivers attention and engage them in some way to visit your site; whether this be an interesting story or an offer valuable to them. Make sure the subject line stands out and is something that they want to open. Equally as important is the opening headline of the email as this has to encourage the recipient to read on. Always ensure the email has some kind of ‘call to action’; whether this is to visit your site, call a number, enter a competition etc
  • Make it easy to subscribe to! Post a signup on your homepage, blog, social media sites and wherever else your fans are active. Make sure it is quick and simple to do the sign up too. All of this will help to build up a large list of contacts
  • It is important that the newsletter design fits your brand. Make the email fit in with company’s look and feel – maybe customize it to have your colours and logo in the header. This consistency will keep recipients more comfortable with your business and brand.
  • One of the most crucial elements of an email marketing campaign is to do a test run first. It essential that it will work on multiple browsers and platforms. It also allows for you to make any last minute editing, keep an eye out for untidy errors or fix broken images. Many programs also inform you of any spam filters which may prevent the email from being sent.
  • Don’t overdo it with too many emails and bombard potential clients. Try to send emails only when there is something relevant to be said; don’t just send them for the sake of it. This will only result in people unsubscribing.
  • Try to make the content shareable for people. This will encourage customers to involve friends and family; generating greater awareness for your business. Make it easy for people to do with links straight off to Facebook and Twitter etc; the less time consuming it is the more likely they are to share.
  • Measure your stats after each campaign to see how successful it has been. Pay close attention to your open rates and click rates; to see which topics/offers are the most popular. Or if a campaign receives a high number of unsubscribes you then know not to try that method again. Stats can be extremely helpful in planning your next campaign and making it a successful one.
  • Try and use a professional email marketing system; It makes it easy to create and send multiple campaigns. You can import lists, have automatic unsubscribes and use all the campaign reports and statistics too.

Hopefully you can put into practice these email tips for business and have more successful campaigns.  For any more help or if you are considering using a professional email marketing campaign program then look no further than our Colourmedia email marketing Cumbria software which can bring major benefits to your online marketing strategy.

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