If you’re trying to run a profitable business online, you’ll know first-hand just how many scam emails claim to offer you the ultimate in super SEO strategies. You might have some questions, too, like what exactly makes for good SEO? Is there really bad SEO out there?

The answers are more complex than a lot of people realise at first. Firstly, good SEO takes a lot of time and commitment. It’s not a quick fix, it fluctuates and changes regularly. Why?

Because Google is in control of it all, really. In the wake of these ‘quick-fix’ style SEO companies, Google are actively preventing websites from using these backdoor coding solutions and cheap spam strategies. In fact, in some cases, they ban websites that use them. So yes, there’s some really bad SEO out there.

This is all because Google wants the most accurate and informed search results rising to the top. It aims to ascertain who has the authority and its algorithms for doing so change constantly. This means that places like Cadbury and Thorntons will rise to the top of a search for ‘chocolate’ because they are the leading authorities on it, regardless of how many food bloggers might be trying to get there.

But that’s not to say it’s impossible to compete. Beside the giants, businesses that use professional, intelligent SEO code and marketing are sitting just as proud.

The key is commitment and consistency. Focusing on what you want your keywords to be, what few words define your business and your product, and simply letting Google know that that’s what you are all about. Everything from coding a great sitemap for the Google bots to navigate, letting them read and evaluate everything you have to offer, to writing informed blog content and creating a social media presence that’s in line with it.

Google change their algorithms for ascertaining who belongs at the top frequently due to the number of cheats that get developed, and as such, genuine businesses that worked hard on their SEO and marketing can vanish overnight. It’s not fair, but it’s necessary. This means that you need to be on your toes, however, and keep working on your SEO, keep up-to-date with everything that’s happening and keep ahead of the game.

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