Graphic design and print production, at the heart of the message…

Design matters. It’s who you are – not just the way you look. Design matters on the page too, because people use more print now than ever before. As you’d expect, our design is creative and functional. And our print? We think it’s some of the best around.

What is Graphic Design?

It’s all around us. Everything you see and read is designed by a graphic designer who did his or her best to make it appealing, interesting and appropriate. Like the newspaper you read in the morning – its title, colours and ‘look’ will all have been carefully selected to give the paper its unique ‘personality’. Then, there’s your favourite social website (or maybe your favourite footy team’s). From the way it looks, to the choice of fonts and the background colours, the site has been created by a professional graphic designer. Even a packet of bin liners or odour controlling shoe insoles will use graphic design for the packaging. (Not that we’d know about that.)