Like to participate Contest and promotions

Hosting a contest on your Facebook page through a custom built application is one of the best ways not only to engage current fans, but attract new fans as well.

To get your contest seen by users other than your current fans, add a Share option or a voting component to your contest rules. This will encourage your fans to share your contest with their Facebook friends who have yet to Like your Page. Once these new users have been prompted by their friends to check out your Page’s contest, having a fan-gate will restrict participation until your Page has been Liked by the user.

To get the most new Likes, make sure your contest is user-friendly; meaning, make the contest rules extremely clear and don’t go overboard requiring the user to disclose a lot of personal information to enter. Users who have not yet built a relationship with your brand will likely be turned off and ultimately decide not to participate.

Exclusive Content

Service-based companies often feel more limited in what they can offer to users — at least when compared to product-based businesses. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Using their industry knowledge, service-based businesses have the opportunity to create extremely valuable content that they can pass along to their fans.

Content is king. Branded content, in particular, is the most powerful of all. For example, promoting an exclusive eBook with valuable industry-related tips and best practices via a fan-gated application is a great way to earn more Page Likes, and to also position your company as an expert in your field.

Alternatives to doing an eBook include fan-gating exclusive white papers, infographics with interesting findings from your company’s case studies, or simply releasing short reports with industry success advice. Keep in mind: the more share-worthy the content is, the better. Think about catchy headlines that show the material will teach the user something valuable.

Fans only Promo Code

Creating a feeling of exclusivity is very important when trying to incentivise users to Like your Facebook Page. Things like fan-gating the access to a PDF of a printable coupon or revealing a special promotion code upon Liking a Page are two really effective methods for attracting new customer prospects and driving new Page Likes.

After creating a fan-gated Facebook application, another component to driving more Page Likes is to get your application noticed by users other than your current fans.

Use Facebook advertisements to link directly to your fan-gated application, try promoting your application on the other social platforms your business is on, and even link to the application in your company’s email newsletter. All these efforts will ultimately help make your business’ social media strategy successful.

This post was originally published by Chelsea Hejny on July 10, 2012.

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