The importance of images in social media is huge for any business wishing to have a successful social media campaign. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘an image is worth a thousand words’ and it couldn’t be truer for social media. Image based content will continue to drive social media engagement in 2014.

Firstly, images on Facebook generate 53% more likes than an average post. Smartphones along with visual apps make it easier than ever to create and upload images to social media. There are now more than 3.4 billion images uploaded to Google + and Twitter images are the social media channel’s most shared and clicked on content. With photos continuing to generate higher engagement rates than text-based content, marketers need to develop more branded images for social media this year.

As customers are hit with an increasing number of advertisements; it’s becoming more important to make content easily and quickly digestible. This is the best way for you to stand out from the competition. Not only does this count on Facebook, Twitter etc, but the most successful blog posts receiving shares tend to have that common characteristics of images throughout. Using images through your various social media channels like Facebook and Twitter can essentially be free advertising. If you upload something and it becomes popular and viral; then it gets shared around various other followers. This can be encouraged by trying to get people to ‘like’, ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ your image to maximise exposure. In addition to their visual impact, images take up more space in a viewer’s news feed; increasing the odds of your post being noticed. When posting a link from your website that includes an image, onto your social media, the image will show up as a thumbnail in the post; increasing the chances of that link being noticed and clicked.

Of course, the term ‘images’ does not just mean photographs; it also includes drawings, infographics, charts and even text when designed as an image. Sometimes just an image on its own may not be quite enough so think about adding a little bit of text or caption to it; making it that extra bit creative and informative. Let’s look at 3 useful purposes images serve online:

  • They provide a graphic way to communicate your message
  • They provide another channel of SEO for web pages and blog posts. Just target your keywords using alt tags and associated text within the image to optimize.
  • It makes your marketing more interesting and exciting with image based content being shared and becoming more viral than text only.

An image can provide a great deal of information and greatly enhance the user experience. When a popular image is shared on social media channels; Google and other search engines will rate the originating website much higher and boost its rankings on search engines and keyword results. The success of YouTube further highlights this with Google searches featuring YouTube videos. The beauty of images is that they are much simpler and quicker to upload to a site compared to a video.

When it comes to images, always make sure that it is a picture of good quality. Images which are blurry or look unprofessional will give a bad impression to a potential customer. You could hire a professional photographer to take some pictures or even download images from a stock photo website. It would also be great if you feel comfortable enough to take your own images; there of course many apps which can let you add various effects etc too.

Try to make sure any images you upload have some relevance to your business to help customer relate with you and the picture. Images are an essential part of the online shopping experience; people want to see an image as they want to know what they are buying. Make sure these images stand out and show off all the best features your product can offer. There are obviously different types of responses and it is important you pick the correct one. This could be anything from laughter to sadness, or perhaps something informative, or something which is current and cultural.

The Importance of Images in Social Media is going to be huge and even more important in 2014. There are major benefits for a business for doing this. For any more advice on maximising your social media strategy be sure to contact us here at Colourmedia where we will be happy to assist.

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