If you are looking at improving your SEO then we have put together a few tips for you. SEO is vital for the success of any website in helping it being found, increasing traffic and ultimately growing conversions and turnover.

As Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms; it’s crucial to keep SEO practices up-to-date in order for your business to thrive online. The current Google algorithm is known as ‘hummingbird’ and will have a major effect on your business’s search engine ranking. Hummingbird focuses on quality content and responsive web design making these vital if your business is to succeed in your website appearing on page 1.

Focusing on content is going to be a key player in improving your SEO for 2014. Keywords alone will no longer carry your SEO strategy; making interesting and useful content more important than ever. Of course, keywords are still important when it comes to search terms and page titles/headers etc. When writing content think about answering a question your customers may have; then move on from this by providing tips and advice. It is vital to keep updating your content and keep it fresh so as to increase your audience; as well as having visitors return.

As technology continues to improve your business now needs to start focusing on mobile. Mobile search is a key change in Hummingbird and was Google’s response to the increase in mobile internet use and search results. Over 50% of people now access the web via their mobile; so accommodating these visitors has never been more important. This can be enhanced by developing a responsive website; not only does Google prefer this, but visitors now have an expectation of a mobile friendly website.

Social Media is increasingly important too and you have to make sure you utilise it to best promote your business online. It is still unclear as to whether social media affects your search engine ranking, but it can certainly drive more visitors to your website; which in turn increases search engine ranking. Social media gives your website further exposure and different ways of interacting with customers.

Not only is content a vital part of your website; but multimedia can work massively in your favour. The inclusion of images enables you to connect with your users in a different way and get messages across quicker and be more engaging. Of course, when using and uploading images make sure you give them correct titles for SEO purposes too!

With Google the main search engine player; you need to make sure you do whatever it takes to make Google like you and rank you. Setting up Google Authorship for your blog posts is another way to do this. You just set up Google Authorship through your Google Plus profile. Google Plus is going to be a major social media player in 2014; so it is vital you go make one!!

We hope you can put these tips to use for improving your SEO and increasing traffic and conversions for your website. We are a SEO Cumbria specialist and if you have any queries then be sure to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you.

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