Here at Colourmedia we’re constantly creating and refreshing brand identities for our clients, but recently we decided it was time to look at our own. Our logo just didn’t feel like us anymore – not all that surprising considering it was created over 16 years ago!

Our Old Logo:

Our old logo wasn’t bad, in fact, it has served us well for the past 16 years and has been a fantastic companion throughout Colourmedia’s ongoing growth from 2000. However, with all the new and exciting ventures Colourmedia has taken in the past year, we thought it was about time for a change!

One of these exciting changes was the merging with award winning Penrith design business G1 Creative!

This exciting collaboration meant that our new logo had to represent the identity of both businesses. We wanted the existing clients of G1 Creative to know that the exceptional graphic design service isn’t going anywhere, rather it is being combined with the extensive web services that Colourmedia offer. So with that in mind…

Introducing Our New Logo! 


Our Colours

Colour, in our Colourmedia logo, is essential. Our new logo is filled with dynamic and powerful colours for added impact!

Our Shape

The shape is inspired by the original G1 logo, the circular shape not only looks great but it also represents the extensive services that are offered within the Colourmedia circle.

Our Font

The font on the old Colourmedia logo was thin and therefore weak, our new font is stronger and more confident which we think better represents our business.

Overall, we want Colourmedia to continue to offer the vast array of online services that we currently do. We are therefore confident that with our snazzy new redesign, we can continue to deliver the exciting and innovative work that our clients have grown to expect over the past 16 years!

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