Here at Colourmedia we provide web design packages that are ready to go right when you need them.

With software packages pre-developed, we know that we have functional, practical templates to draw on should you need your new web design live immediately. We work with you to add and remove components as and when you need them and remodel certain aspects to be more streamlined, quick and perform perfectly.

This means that you can put trust in having a website that you know will work from the off with no downtime or hefty development times, but that you can still style and brand just the way you need it.

One such client group that benefits from this strategy is schools. If you’re representing a primary or secondary school, or even a nursery, get in touch. Our packages for schools are incredibly simple and easy to use. We focus on letting you maintain and grow your webspace as you want, letting the school grow along with its students. You can put as many pages and photos on these designs as you like, choose how they function, what sections to have and exactly how it looks. There’s not even any obligation to pay until the website is launched and live.

If you’re an estate agents or letting agency, we also have some incredible offers for you! We have software and design plans that are ready-integrated with Vebra and Core Estate Agency software bundles. We can brand, style and shape the functionality around your company’s focus but maintain a practical and fast website model with no extra hassle or lengthy development periods. We also provide mobile web design for some of these sites, meaning that your website will be quick-loading and efficient, resizing images and cutting downloads to increase performance and navigational fluidity.

Finally, if you’re a B&B, hotel, hostel, lodge, restaurant or country cottage owner, we’ve got a whole host of options for unique, stylish websites that increase conversion rates and sell your image, your atmosphere and your heart.

Our special hospitality web design bundle includes; a premium website, gallery, two domain names and newsletter functionality. There’s also an availability calendar and the design comes pre-loaded with a specially optimised and streamlined content management system, so you can tweak and amend your website as and when you please with little fuss or disruption. The websites are easy to moderate and modify, quick to load and feature some of the most sophisticated, top-quality visual designs on the market. You want your first impression to be a good once, and you want you assure your guests that they’re going to have a great time with you and your business even before they walk in the door.

For more information, please get in touch or feel free to fire us a question on Facebook or Twitter. Take a look around the website and have a browse through some of our recent clients and their designs for inspiration, too!

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