Here at Colourmedia we have just launched the brand new web design for SAS Breeding. SAS Breeding is the unveiling of a brand new business allowing people to advertise animals for stud purposes and breeding, sale of animal semen or even to just sell your animal or pet.

The built in search option on the web design allows visitors to quickly search for whatever animal they are looking for and instantly see the results. It also has a ‘search by distance’ tool integrated into it so that you can find an animal close to home.

Similarly, advertising an animal on SAS Breeding is just as easy. Users simply create an account, then enter the details of they animal they wish to advertise.

As well as the new SAS Breeding web design we are taking care of setting up and branding their Facebook page and starting their SEO to increase Google search rankings. Facebook will be a great social media tool for the business to further promote the services offered by the website.

One of the greatest online marketing tools is to use Search engine optimisation; making sure your website is found on search engines and attracts traffic. We have created a bespoke package for SAS Breeding ensuring that we target the best key terms possible for their website to be found on. This will make sure that the right traffic is coming to the website for both advertisers and buyers.

Be sure to check the website out – we are looking forward to seeing the progress of the new SAS Breeding web design and watching it take off.

For any of your own web design and online marketing needs be sure to browse around the Colourmedia site for more information. If you have any questions they get in touch with us.

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