The Benefits of Pay Per Click

The Benefits of Pay Per Click (PPC) for business can be huge when it comes to increasing traffic to your website. PPC is a valuable online marketing tool, where sponsored links are purchased for search engines to direct people to your website. It enables your website to feature on the first page of major search engines such as Google and the ad will direct customers straight to a page you want it to link to. The cost of each advert depends on how popular a search term it is.

When ran correctly, PPC can be a very effective method of marketing with several benefits. Some of these benefits of Pay Per Click include:

  • Increased reach by expanding your online presence
  • 1st page of Google
  • Instantly drive traffic to your website
  • Keyword and landing page testing capabilities
  • Budget control
  • Regional and local settings
  • Pay only when somebody clicks on your advert

These are some of the big benefits of Pay Per Click and offer businesses the opportunity for a great return on marketing investment. With these adverts, you only pay for when it is clicked – which makes it easy to manage costs, track conversions and see the return on investment. Being able to track this data lets you know exactly what is working for your business and what isn’t; so you don’t need to focus on wasting money on strategies that don’t work and focus on ones that are. It allows you to discover various factors such as:

  • Which keywords people use to find your website
  • How many conversions you got from the ad
  • Are people staying on the specific landing page or bouncing off elsewhere

Setting daily budgets means that you spend your marketing money wisely; and have the option to edit the campaign whenever you choose. It can be a great asset in trying to determine which key terms to use going forward in an SEO campaign. Your budget can be set to certain geographic locations ensuring your campaign only focuses on potential clients in your area.

Of course when running a PPC campaign you want to make sure that your advertising is as profitable as possible. To get the best out of the project research is a must as well as constant monitoring and management. Many companies may not have the time to invest in this – we can help at Colourmedia though. We run several projects for different types of clients with each being very successful for these businesses. If PPC is something you are thinking about looking into for your business then feel free to contact us and see how we can help you.

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