The Brilliance of Blogging – 5 Ways that a Blog Can Benefit Your Business

Blogging might be one of the most and underrated and underappreciated forms of marketing among small and medium sized businesses. What with building your core web content, managing your ongoing marketing strategy, maintaining your social media presence, and everything else that goes into just running the online part of your business, you may feel like it isn’t worth the time, effort and expense to run an onsite blog. In fact, you’d be amazed by what a blog can do for your business.

We’re big advocates of blogging here at Colourmedia, and we’re not the only ones. 53% of marketers now say that blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Why? Well, because they work – and they work especially well for smaller businesses.

So how does a blog help so much? We’re glad you asked: Here are just five ways that a blog can benefit your business.

Drives traffic to your website

Every blog post you write is one more page from your site to be indexed by search engines, one more chance to rank for various keywords, one more opportunity for your target audience to find you. This soon makes a big difference – websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages on average than sites without them. What’s more, it opens up the possibility of ranking for many more keywords, especially for long-tail search queries – many businesses can successfully rank for keywords related to their business (eg. Estate Agents Carlisle), but might struggle ranking for highly-specific phrases like ‘how to prepare your home for a viewing’. The more content you add, the more you improve your chance of ranking for less common but high-converting keywords.

Fresh content is great for organic SEO – Google rewards sites who are active and adding regular new content by giving them better visibility. Publishing regular blog content on your site is one of the easiest, most effective ways of providing this fresh content. Moreover, regularly adding content provides more opportunities for adding internal links, a key part of SEO strategy that is difficult to achieve without a blog. This helps spread PageRank throughout your site, by creating more pathways for search engine crawlers.

Now that your blog is ranking, it will keep working hard for you and your business long after you’ve moved onto other matters. Good blogs provide evergreen content that continue to drive traffic and leads for weeks, months, even years to come, as visitors continue to search for those keywords. While you may not see immediate results, over time this evergreen content can make a real difference for your business.

Improves conversion rates and increases leads

Just as every new blog post is another chance to attract new visitors, each new post you write is also another opportunity to generate new leads. More people visiting your site means more potential leads, especially when they are presented with high-quality content designed to be engaging and relevant to their interests. Adding a call-to-action to every blog post is a great way to expand your website’s lead-generating capabilities, whether it be encouraging visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter or browse your range of products.

This is provably effective: Hubspot research suggests that companies that maintain a blog can experience a 13x increase in ROI, and that businesses with over 200 blog articles get more than five times the leads of those with ten or fewer.

Establishes your brand as an authority

No matter the size of your business, blogging is a great way for you to build trust and prove your expertise in your industry by providing content that will be viewed as valuable, authoritative information. The best business blogs answer questions their target customers have – if you’re regularly creating content that is beneficial to your audience you can soon establish yourself as a ‘go-to’ resource in their eyes. Breeding trust and familiarity places you at the forefront of your customers’ minds when they’re looking to make a purchase, as they will remember that you helped them even before they were interested in buying anything from you.

Connects you with customers

Customer engagement is an incredibly important aspect of online marketing, and blogging provides the perfect opportunity to connect with both existing and potential customers. Regular blog posts allow businesses and their customers to have a two-way conversation, encouraging and responding directly to comments, and building trust and a rapport with their audience. This helps humanise your brand, showing that you’re more than just a business – and so do the posts themselves.

This is your chance to show the personality behind your business. Blog posts give you a way to touch upon shared interests between not just your business and your audience, but also your employees and your customers as well. Sharing your voice and personality in a more informal way again helps build trust and makes your brand much more likeable as a result – which can mean more leads as well as more loyal customers.

Creates opportunities for sharing

Your social media presence is already an amazingly useful way to build your brand and generate leads for your business. It becomes doubly useful when you can use it to regularly direct people to your site with fresh, shareable content. That’s where blogging comes in. Because blog posts are designed to be engaging and provide value to your potential customers, they are primed for sharing on social media, reaching your target audience with highly-relevant, topical information, and driving traffic directly to your site.

What makes blog posts especially valuable is that they get your audience sharing your message for you. If your content is directly relevant and genuinely helpful to your potential customers then they are highly likely to share these posts themselves, whether it’s sharing the direct link to the blog, retweeting it or even emailing it to a friend.

Blogging spreads your brand, both directly by boosting your organic SEO and reaching a wider audience, and indirectly as these visitors share what they read with others. It creates new customers, encourages return visitors, builds a loyal following and generates leads. In other words, it offers a wealth of opportunity for businesses of any size.

If you’d like to reap the benefits of blogging for your business, but don’t have the time to blog yourself, we can help. Our copywriting and content creation team will work with you to create well-researched, well-written and informative posts for your business, that will engage your audience and expand your brand. Click here to get in touch.

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