The importance of Responsive web design for your business is going to increase even more in 2014. Simply put, responsive web design is a website design and development that adjusts to fit on all platform browsers; desktops, tablets and smartphones. This allows it to optimize the user’s browsing experience depending on which device they are accessing your website from. If you have a business which heavily depends on your website bringing in business then getting a responsive web design should be your number one online marketing goal in 2104.

Not only is a responsive web design better; but you’re competitors are probably starting to do it too! Using Google Analytics will give you a better idea of how many visitors come to your website through mobile and tablets – highlighting how urgent a responsive web design is for your business.

By not providing your customers with a mobile friendly experience on your site, then you encourage them to use a competitor who does. The future is mobile, with the percentage of mobile web browsing users continuing to rise. Here are 5 key reasons why you should consider a responsive web design in 2014:

  1. 1.       Improved SEO

Google states that responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration. This is due to responsive websites having one URL and the same HTML, no matter what device is accessing the sites; therefore making it easier for Google to index just one site rather than multiples. With all the content been on one site, it also makes it easier for sharing through social media – only one link is required!

Additionally Google suggest that mobile optimized, responsive sites are featuring prominently in localised search results; certainly a huge significance for local businesses to be found ahead of the competition and making responsive web design a must.

SEO campaigns can be timely and expensive. By having a responsive web design this allows you to focus all your attention on one site rather than multiple sites – producing a much more effective SEO strategy.

  1. 2.       Cost Effective

Before responsive web design came along it was common for multiple versions of a website to be created to suit each device. Having just the one responsive website will result in only one content management system needed – saving time and money. It also means that just one site will need to be created which has the ability to adapt to any device rather than 3 separate sites for example. Whilst the initial investment cost of a responsive web design is there, long term savings will make the conversion ultimately worth it. There of course, is only the need for one targeted SEO campaign.

  1. 3.       Increased Conversions and Sales

If you provide your customers with a great user experience they are likely to stay on your site to make a purchase. If they encounter problems on your site then they are likely to bounce off and visit a competitor site. A responsive web design will also help to create a consistent look and feel, no matter which device is being used. Even with mobile versions of websites, users can still face difficulty locating information or with usability, compared to a responsive web design where the entire site experience is improved.

  1. 4.       Increased Reach

There is no doubt that mobiles and tablets are here to stay; and are the key reason between the need for a responsive web design. There is still the case where users are directed to a ‘mobile’ friendly site, but responsive has come and turned that tactic on its head. With more and more users now using ‘on the go’ devices to access websites, it is a development no business can afford to miss. Responsive web design is a must for 2014 for making sure you stay ahead of the competition and reach desktop, mobile and tablet users.

  1. 5.       Better User Experience

A responsive web design now offers users a consistent approach to web browsing whether they are on desktop, mobile or tablet. There is no need for users to have to zoom in and out on a mobile device as the website adjusts itself, depending on the device, to make it much easier for users and allowing your website to work at its most optimum. There are also the benefits of customers using the offline browsing capabilities. Tablets and smartphones HTML5 enabled are a major plus for businesses as many customers are increasingly on the move when there is no internet connection; however they can still view the content.


In conclusion, responsive web design is a must for your business in 2014 in order to provide the best possible service for your customers and to stay ahead of the competition. There are still only a few websites which are currently taking full advantage of responsive web design – giving you the chance to move quickly and gain the edge over competitors.

Responsive web design is recommended by Google, and makes for a much easier SEO strategy. It means the need for only one website and content management by adjusting accordingly to whichever device is accessing it – increasing user reach and usability. As mobile and tablet sales continue to surge the need for responsive web design is a must for now and for the future of any business.

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