What’s the point in having a great website if no one’s ever going to see it?

You’ve probably heard about SEO, and you probably know that it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s one of those buzzwords that’s getting thrown around a lot at the moment, and the term is starting to feel a bit tired.

But the actual strategy itself is not. The thing is, SEO is a really big deal and that’s why it’s getting said a lot. It’s an especially big deal for small or developing businesses. How can a small, family-operated business possibly compete with the big brands? High street franchises seem to dominate Google searches purely through day-to-day notability.

But small businesses can compete with the biggest retailers online. Just not if their website and products are hidden away in the darkest recesses of the internet. This is how SEO helps. It’s all about finding keywords – words that describe your products – and helping you get on the front page of Google and similar search engines.

The first page of any Google search is not reserved for the franchise giants. In fact, with our help, our clients are often in the top five listings on a generalised Google search. On the front page – the place where businesses go to thrive.

Type ‘chocolates’ into a Google search bar and one of our websites will appear. In fact, type ‘Belgian chocolates’ or ‘luxury Belgian chocolates’ into it and that website will appear again and again. It’s a website that belongs to a small husband and wife team who make quality products to the very best standard, and are passionate about what they do. They’re going up against high street retailers that are practised in marketing, social media, web design, business structure, PR, you name it. They’re on the front page of Google and listed in second place behind Thorntons, out of approximately 89,700,000 other websites.

Similarly, our other clients are front page for competitive search terms such as, ‘business telephones’, with approximately 4,750,000 other competitive websites, and ‘small business telephone systems’, out of a further 5,570,000. Or ‘luxury Lake District hotels’ where we’re positioned front page out of 3,240,000 and ‘Lake District weddings’ out of 2,970,000.

If you’re looking to find out about something or are interested in buying a certain product, when you type what you’re after into Google, how many pages do you actually look through before one of the results catches your eye and you click the link to that website? The answer is nearly always ‘one’. With so many businesses offering so many services, everyone’s struggling to be heard. In nearly every circumstance, it’s only those businesses occupying the first or second page of search results that get heard.

What we aim to do is use software packages, unique web design and marketing strategies and social media to SEO our clients’ websites. The results cited above don’t factor in our social media work, or even some of our blog work – which we’ll aim to talk about in another blog post later on!

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