At Colourmedia, one of our most common tasks is to design full, bespoke websites for hotels and guesthouses. It’s one of our specialities and something we take great pride in doing. How well a hospitality service does is often dependent on the representation of their website. A pristine design with seamless transitions between sections and categories, some great imagery and clear definition, tends to do an awful lot better than a rough-around-the-edges, cheap, overcrowded site. Why? Well, because your approach to web design tends to demonstrate your approach to things in general, and people don’t want that last set of adjectives to apply to how you handle the business and hospitality. If you don’t take pride in caring for your website, why should you take pride in caring for your business? Or for your guests?

If your hotel or guesthouse is clean, fresh and inviting, you want your site to be the same. For some examples, we built the redesigned websites for New House Farm, Armathwaite Hall and Lake District Hotels. Not only are these websites bringing in viewers, they’re also keeping their attention for longer and converting them into customers.

In line with this, we do a great deal of SEO and marketing work here. We’re still in the midst of building up the search engine optimisation for these sites, but we’re currently hitting the front page of Google for search terms such as “luxury lake district hotels” (of 2,870,000 results), “lake district weddings” (of 3,120,000 results) and “lake district wedding venues” (of 749,000 results).

To do this, we place keywords strategically and flowingly across the site and provide long-term, continuing content that reinforces this. We place ‘GEO tags’, which allow Google to know where your business is and map it in a search, which is especially important for hospitality, as people like to know where their accommodation is in relation to other attractions. We also use XML site mapping to allow Google to process the website better, accessing all pages and sections with ease, and HTML site mapping which lets human visitors do the same.

We manage meta data, adjusting keywords and ‘meta tags’ as necessarily to increase your site’s visibility and drive customers to it. We’ll keep up-to-date with all of Google’s algorithms as well, so if they change the way their search engine works, we can change your site to work alongside it immediately – keeping you one step ahead and potentially leaving unprepared competitors behind.

It sounds a bit complicated, but in reality it’s just a matter of careful planning, forward thinking and strategy. Being able to work on our websites continually means they’re constantly at the forefront of web searches, where a lot of other sites aren’t.

We also concentrate on building a Twitter and Facebook presence, working in line with all social media professionals and maintaining a steady consumer base. It keeps your most devoted followers in the know; letting them see news and events and allowing them to share all this with their friends, growing the potential for more long-term customers. It’s also a great way to evaluate who your most valued customers are, what they like and what they don’t like. Social media is a great resource for constant feedback and there’s a wealth of knowledge to be learned from it.

To put it simply, succeeding in web design and internet marketing is all about longevity and creativity – two things we can wholeheartedly assure.

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