When we build a website, we make it so it lasts. For us, web design is just one part of what we do – one part of something that is an on-going development process. Something that’s constantly in flux.

A website needs a lot of maintenance and support. It takes a long time to design a website that’s perfect; that converts passing visitors into paying customers, relays information well, positions well on Google and encourages growth both from within itself and also on social media platforms, amongst its users.

What we’ve come to see online a lot, nowadays, is websites that were one-off jobs, done and dusted, that have rapidly become very stale. It’s pretty likely you’ve seen a website that’s outdated and frustrating to use. Sadly, this affects e-commerce shopping websites the most and the repercussion is that websites simply stop selling their products. Big businesses with a lot of cash flow don’t have this problem because they can invest huge amounts of money into dedicated web designers, copywriters and developers. It’s ever difficult for the smaller, local businesses to keep up.

At Colourmedia, however, we’ve come up with simple, cost-effective solutions that help you manage your website and develop it over time so it’s ever-functional, contemporary and on-point. As part of our web design, we also provide a copywriting service that fully integrates SEO into your website and makes it readable and effective. We develop a strong brand and theme for your site and make sure it’s perfectly tailored to you, keeping you in the loop and in touch all the time. The website nearly always has a content management system included, so we can add, remove and develop content over time, keeping it fresh and up-to-date in a rapidly changing online environment.

We have varying tariffs ranging from our dedicated weekly maintenance with content updates, social media, SEO, advertising and data entry, to simple monthly maintenance contracts that mean should anything go wrong, we’re always at hand to quickly resolve any issues. All of this is flexible and we can add and remove elements as and when your web design needs them – for example, we can split social media responsibilities with you or update a blog bimonthly. The choice is all yours and we’re pretty flexible with what we can accommodate.

If you’d like to build a website with us or want to talk over a cup of (pretty fancy) coffee on a no-obligation basis, give us a call on 01228 91 20 20 or email us – info@colourmedia.co.uk.

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