Google Plus has continued to grow and is now only second to Facebook for the highest number of monthly users; around 343 million. What’s more is that Google Plus is becoming more and more important for business to actively engage and grow circles on this social media platform. 2014 could see Goole Plus really come to the forefront of social media marketing. Along with the growth of social media in general 2014 means a social media strategy will become a necessity and integrated within a marketing plan.

Google Plus looks likely to become an even bigger player not only for its social media advantages; but because is part of Google and is an integral part of Google’s SEO scheme and providing a much more personalized search experience; such as producing local and more relevant listings. This has become more apparent with the importance of Google Authorship; which looks likely to be a key component in Google’s search algorithm.

Below are just a few reasons why incorporating Google Plus into your social media strategy is vital:

  • Localised SEO search listings and mobile/tablet searches mean this is a must for local businesses. A business page on Google Plus tends to rank higher in local search terms; making it essential for businesses who’s market search from mobile/tablet platforms. Posts on Google Plus also count towards search rankings
  • Content is king and as Google is the largest search engine; this is where your business needs to be. Content on Google Plus is viewed favourably by the major search engine and becoming an active user will see your business climb those rankings.
  • Google Authorship has now become a key player for Google recognizing you as a reputable content generator. It allows for not only Google to trust you; but also for potential customers to see you as a trusted site.

With so many new and different social media platforms coming to the forefront it can often be difficult for businesses to pick one. Google Plus is the stand out one for 2014 as it now seems to be a ‘one size fits all’ package. With the link to Google and search rankings it can play a key goal in boosting traffic and therefore conversions to your website.

For my information on running a Google Plus page for your business and other social media aspects such as blogging and seo then get in touch with us here at Colourmedia and we can give you some more information.

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