So you know you need a website for your business. It might just need a little bit of updating, it might need a full redesign or it may be the first one you’ve ever had, built entirely from scratch. Whatever the case may be, there’s some advice we can give those with a dream website in mind and that’s this – be involved. Always. While the website is being designed, while it’s being built and then long, long after that.

A lot of people think that a website will do everything for them, but the truth is that they need a lot of marketing if they’re going to place well on Google and they need a lot of love if they’re going to attract potential customers. Websites that have owner input always do better than websites that are left to themselves.

You might think that you’re not qualified to manage a website, not eloquent enough to write a blog or not confident enough to sell your product on Twitter and Facebook as part of a marketing strategy but we promise you this: if you try, even if you’re not the best, you’ll always do better than if you never try at all. Assuming you’re focusing on your business and products. Keep away from unsavoury or unpleasant topics, controversies and politics and you’ll do okay.

It’s not hard to be involved in how your website is run, either. The more you can do yourself, the more you’re able to engage with your customers directly. You find yourself selling your business better than anyone else could purely because you know your professional ethos that much better than anyone else.

Content management systems (CMS) are super easy to learn and have varying levels of technicality, from the absolute basics to the more advanced. We highly recommend taking on one of our copywriters so your website can benefit from both parties – you bringing your personal business expertise, ethos and style, and us utilising SEO integration, web and writing experience and our refined sense of professionalism online.

We can teach you how to use CMS like WordPress and we can teach you how to engage your customers with a natural, honest and informative approach. It’s always great when both you and your customer are learning new things and that sense of growth can have amazing benefits on the atmosphere surrounding your product. In the end, everyone’s happier.

If you’re still not sure you’re able to manage your web presence without full support, our Colourmedia copywriters and social media consultants can manage it for you to whatever extent you’d like. We can either run full marketing campaigns and write your content for you entirely, or we can share input, with you providing content and us rewriting and posting it. Additionally, both parties can contribute to the same blog and social media presence, us posting custom-made blog content and you posting status updates or photos, for example. Whatever you decide, we’ll always be here to help you whenever you need and work with you to build your business and give you real weight in the online world.

For more information, call us on 01228 91 20 20 for a free consultation or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest.

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