19 August 2021 Nicola

Adapting your business to the impact of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is obviously having an effect across every industry, with many businesses needing to make drastic changes to how they operate.

These are troubling times for all, but we’ve been heartened by the number of businesses that are adapting their offer to continue trading under the new restrictions.

Our team has already been able to help several in the hospitality sector who, faced with a significant downturn in trade, have opened a takeaway or delivery service.

That’s a great idea that helps keep their business trading and staff employed. And it provides a service for people who need hot food but are heeding the Government advice about not gathering socially.

Whether it’s running a campaign through Facebook or adding a pop-up to a website, it’s vital to get the message out there.

Digital channels will clearly have a huge role to play in the coming months. We’ve also been able to help clients who want to add a live chat service to their website. This enables them to communicate directly with customers at a time when there are a lot of questions that need answering but in-person contact is being discouraged.

If your business relies on face-to-face trade, it isn’t too late to get started trading online. There are several online shopping platforms, WooCommerce for instance, that can be set up to trade in a relatively short space of time.

Clear communication is key at a time like this. It’s a rapidly changing situation and in some cases what was the right thing 24 hours earlier, is quickly out of date. We’re here to help clients keep on top of that messaging, whether it’s the latest trading conditions as the advice changes or vital information for staff.

Covid-19 presents a huge challenge and one that looks set to be the new norm for the coming months. But in some cases there are digital alternatives that could be introduced in businesses that would take away some of the strain and generate revenue to keep the wheels turning.

If you would like to find out more about the digital options available for your business, get in touch by calling: 01228 912020 or email: hello@colourmedia.co.uk