Video Marketing
By 2019, video will account for 80% of all online traffic. That means companies who use video marketing are benefiting from a huge range of advantages over those that don’t – from increased web traffic to improved conversion rates.   At Colourmedia, we strongly believe in the power of video marketing. That’s because it’s a […]
Content Marketing
Content can be the difference between being a brand that customers love, and just being a business that they buy from. Good content is something that consumers want to interact with, allowing you to connect with them in a very effective way.   Our content and outreach marketing service are designed to give your brand […]
Event Promotion
We know how much effort goes into holding an event – that’s why we take so much pride in making sure our event promotions are as effective as possible. Our clients deserve to have their event be a success. Arming yourself with a brilliant online marketing strategy goes a long way to achieving that.   […]
Mobile Marketing
We are officially a smartphone society – so now is the time to up your mobile marketing strategy. Across the world, mobile dominates the amount of time people spend online – with 61% of the UK’s digital consumption now coming through mobile.  Colourmedia will cover every angle to make sure your mobile marketing strategy is […]
The 7 Spokes of Branding – Michael Johnson
Some business people still see branding as simply a thing on their business card, or a name made out of vinyl stuck to the side of their van. Michael Johnson, founder of UK branding agency Johnson Banks gives a talk on branding, the science and psychology, and the way it has morphed and expanded. D&AD […]
Poking fun at the speculative creative ‘pitch’ process
An excellent movie by Toronto based creative company Zulu Alpha Kilo – demonstrating why designers get (rightly) irritated by requests to do ‘free’ work. You wouldn’t ask any other profession or trade, so why ask people who work in the creative sector? … is it because you see what we do as easy?   […]
Design concepts for coffee house branding
  … the logo needed a retro feel, giving the sense of comfort, warmth and more than a little nostalgia. We experimented with a number of Italian influenced fonts, hand-written and script. The process took a number of weeks and included 4 or 5 sets of iterations, each stage we worked the design, made refinements, […]
Client well chuffed with his railway illustration
The artwork would be used primarily as a sign for the newly refurbished Beechings Folly Bed and Breakfast in Keswick (The Lake District). The property is the Old Station Master’s House, close (obviously) to the Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway at Keswick. Initial sketches were made to establish composition, with a carefully chosen colour palette, presented to the client […]
White Box by Makoto Yabuki
It is a work made as the visual identity of architects office Sturdy Style. Their corporate identity is home creating without stereotype. The architect faces the white box symbolizing a home, and designs harmony between the life and the environment. By using CG, we can see his imagination graphically. Finally, he creates the ideal home […]
How (printing) ink is made
How (printing) ink is made November 16th, 2017Eden
Britain’s Energy Coast – Energy Business Opportunities Conference Branding 09
This was a closed tender for branding and event management, sadly we didn’t win. The initial branding was intended to be dynamic and fluid. Working with ribbons of colours that symbolised energy. Britain’s Energy Coast – Energy Business Opportunities Conference Branding 09 November 15th, 2017Eden
It’s all in the detail – making an impression when it matters
  Curtain Blind Specialists of Lancaster wanted to make an impact with their initial contacts and presentations. CBS asked us to design a business card that retained their current identity but took them to another level. We produced a number of concepts that developed letterpress, foil blocking and edge painting, the final result is a […]
Font men – A celebration of a font empire
Font men – A celebration of a font empire November 16th, 2017Eden
Typographer’s glossary
Typographer’s glossary November 16th, 2017Eden
The old meets the new to create beautiful results
This painstaking project by designer Cameron Moll took many months to construct using Adobe Illustrator software, the final print production was produced by Bryce Knudson at Bjorn Press, Utah USA. The old meets the new to create beautiful results November 16th, 2017Eden
Web Design work experience: Will’s week at Colourmedia
Will joined us just before Christmas for a week of work experience, getting guidance from our web design and digital marketing teams as he looked to get a feel for what we do. Here’s how he got on… Work experience week: Day 1: I started my week’s work experience at Colourmedia wanting to learn about […]
Champions of design 2. Global Branding.
  This book celebrates 35 great works of design, the people who created them & the clients who bought them. Champions of design 2. Global Branding. February 26th, 2020Eden
How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business
It’s hardly revolutionary to say that social media should be a key part of a business’s marketing strategy, but it bears repeating, because the benefits of embracing social media are so great – no matter how big or small the business may be. Increased brand awareness and recognition; increased traffic, leads and sales; developing a […]
A message to our clients regarding Covid-19
We want to let you know about our business continuity plans in these uncertain times. If Covid-19 impacts our ability to access the office, the whole of our team can work remotely. This means that all the areas you rely on us for from websites to social media, PPC campaigns to graphic design should remain […]
“Graphic design can change lives” Erik Spiekermann
“Graphic design can change lives” Erik Spiekermann November 10th, 2021Eden
Adapting your business to the impact of Coronavirus
Coronavirus is obviously having an effect across every industry, with many businesses needing to make drastic changes to how they operate. These are troubling times for all, but we’ve been heartened by the number of businesses that are adapting their offer to continue trading under the new restrictions. Our team has already been able to […]
Email Marketing
If you don’t have an email campaign then you’re missing out on a fantastic way of directly reaching potentially interested customers in your market – and with more than 80% of B2B and B2C businesses using some form of email marketing technology, these are customers that could go to your competition instead.   Email Marketing […]

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