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Branding & Identity

Effective and consistent branding is an extremely important part of any successful business, from your logo to the tone of voice in your literature and website. The way you present your services and products, your ethos and mission statement – these are the pieces that go to make up your ‘brand jigsaw’. Strong branding and identity can be what makes your business win over new customers, and linger in the minds of clients. In short, branding is what differentiates you from the competition.

At Colourmedia we can work with you to set out a strategic plan that will establish key goals, scheduled stages and the long-term targets for your business. The development of this plan will become the mantra by which the entire organisation drives forward, from the top of the business structure to the bottom.

Colourmedia will research and understand your marketplace. We map out what you need to improve or develop, what weaknesses are holding you back, or where strengths are being missed.

Brand positioning is another important piece of the brand strategy. Positioning is about pinpointing where you fit within your sector’s landscape, to ensure you are targeting the correct (and most relevant) customers for your product or service. By understanding where you fit we can decide on the right marketing channels, avoiding wasted time, effort and money by aiming your efforts in the right direction and to the right audiences.

With a plan in place, the brand development can begin. Creative concepts can be designed. These concepts will contain a number of alternative approaches, demonstrations on how the identity could be applied, font style, colour palette, photographic style and strap-lines or headings.

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