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Brand Development

What do we mean by Brand Development? Well, quite a bit – your Brand Development is the application of your brand ethos and visual standards (style, colour, layout etc) across all areas of your business and marketing.

A well-defined brand brings clarity to your business goals and direction, makes a lasting impression on customers, and works 24/7 to build the profile of your business. We take a strategic approach to your brand development, working to create a deep, layered brand identity that perfectly represents your business and leaves a lasting impression not just on customers, but staff too. A strong brand instils a confidence in your business for consumers, and can bring clarity and motivation to your employees, as you build something to believe in.

The watch-word is consistency. Developing a brand is all about fostering a consistent and unified approach to how your business is represented. A consistent thread running throughout brochures, leaflets and social media will convey a level of professionalism and give greater weight to the business as a whole.

For example:
– Stationery
– Business cards
– Product sheets
– Sales literature
– Signage
– Vehicle livery
– Apparel
– Social media
– Advertising
– Merchandising
– Packaging
– PowerPoint slides
– Direct mail
– Point of sale
– Social media headers
– Video introduction

Effective brand development is not about just one or two of these parts of your business. A comprehensive, big-picture approach is the way to pack a real punch and establish a clear brand identity. You’ll need to pay close attention to all aspects of your business, right down to the minutiae of typeface, colour palettes and tone of voice, and then tie this all together in a clear set of brand guidelines.

At Colourmedia we work closely with our clients to develop a schedule that will make the transition from the old, to the new, as smooth as possible. This stage by stage process will include costings and guidance on timeframes for both print and online material.


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