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Brand Guidelines

Your Brand Guidelines are what keeps your brand consistent at all levels. Creating a single document that contains important information regarding your key brand elements in one central resource can be extremely useful – and for a large organisation, absolutely essential.

Consistency across a brand is vital when your business is working with different departments and a multitude of suppliers. With a brand guide you can ensure everyone is working off the same page – literally – and partners and agencies can be sure they have the correct starting point and reference material to assist them as a project is developed.

At Colourmedia we can produce a set of brand guidelines for new and existing brands. The scale of the document will very much depend on the size and type of business you are, but there are several areas that would always be included.

For example:

Logo Usage – Size restrictions, spacing and indications on what you should NOT do with the logo.

Colour Scheme – Possibly the most important part of the document, the colour reference numbers – Pantone, CMYK, Hex and RGB for different uses such as professional printing and online.

Typefaces – There are many millions of fonts available and trying to match a font can be very difficult. With a page on what fonts make up part of the brand style you are ensuring all stakeholders can see what your brand demands.

Layout Style – From the stationery to web pages, many guides will indicate the recommended size and position of the logo, the contact information, and the specific details such as main headings, sub-headings and body copy, images, colours, tints and additional graphics.

Of course, the guidelines can be developed to fit with any organisation and their particular requirements. Other items to consider when planning a set of Brand Guidelines are:

– Strap-lines
– Photographic style
– Copywriting style
– Signage
– Vehicle Livery
– Apparel
– Social Media
– Advertising
– Merchandising
– Packaging

Ultimately, we believe a set of brand guidelines should be user-friendly. Guidelines that are complex and lack a degree of flexibility can be too restricting and limit what designers can produce.

Colourmedia can make sure your business has a set of brand guidelines that will keep your identity consistent, professional and distinct.


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