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Brandmarks, Emblems or Icons, Logotypes, Lettermarks or Combination Marks.

Logo Design

Your logo says so much about you, all within the blink of an eye. It is the one element that will appear on everything you do. Get your Logo Design right and it will pay dividends.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from those just starting out and in need of a logo to get up and running, to large blue-chip companies looking to rebrand. Each client gets a one-to-one service, and the level of attention and excellence they deserve – we don’t do generic here, we work with you to provide a logo that is completely bespoke to your business, and perfectly represents the brand identity you are looking to achieve.

Designing a new identity for a start-up, a charity, or indeed any organisation, starts with a meeting to find out the facts. We first must build an understanding of why the business was set up (the back story), what the USPs or key strengths are, and more basic facts such as product or services areas, target markets (old and new), competitors and their locations.

With all of this information our designers can truly understand what the organisation is all about, and by understanding this we can bring our creative instinct, commercial knowledge and years of experience to the pad and pencil to begin the creative process.

During this process a series of alternative designs will be presented. Within the set of designs will be well considered marks showing suggested colour schemes, font styles and examples of how they could be applied to a number of items. Together these visuals will help you to picture potential schemes and understand just how they would give impact.

When the chosen design has been signed-off we recommend that a set of brand guidelines are produced. These will ensure all future work containing the new logo is consistent.


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