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Annual Reports

We are experienced designers of Annual Reports, able to produce documents that capture the imagination and inspire confidence. What makes a great Annual Report? A combination of clearly written content, well presented financial information and beautiful design layout.

We work with you to create a report that can have a lasting impact on stakeholders, staff and media organisations that read it, combining your story with our design flair to produce something really special. From infographics to high-quality print, we present your reports in striking, visually engaging ways.

Designing Annual Reports either for private companies or public-sector bodies requires the same processes for both. This starts with final proof-read copy, supplied with clear annotations on – key messages, priority information, and above all, key topics.

This always takes longer than you might expect, so make sure to allow plenty of time. Having a good idea of when you’d like the final report will give you some idea of the time scale involved – remember, you’ll need to allow for the collation of the data as well as the writing, designing and then printing of the report.

With the overview comes initial layouts: Creative concepts defining document sections with graphs and tables designed for maximum clarity, and careful use of images interspersed through the narrative to break up often text heavy publications. Done badly, an annual report can be dense, dull and generic. Done well, though, with the right design, and your report can not just avoid these pitfalls, but pop off the page and dazzle.

This doesn’t just mean fancy infographics and elaborate design. It also means nailing the basics: using the right typography, with clear, well-defined font styles, and high-quality printing and binding for a premium finish.

We also manage print production of reports and create web optimised PDFs for online accessibility, so your report can be accessed with complete ease.


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