Eye-grabbing , in a sea of information.

From simple backgrounds to story telling. We design display stands that sell, tell stories or just look pretty (effective).

Exhibition and Display Graphics

Planning your exhibition stand needs vision, creativity and careful planning. Your exhibition and display graphics should be eye-catching and instantly reflect your brand identity. Let us use our expertise to help and inspire you.

Exhibitions, trade shows and conferences are a great way for businesses to promote their brand and meet new customers, but require an expert touch to stand out from the crowd. We take your brand identity and distil it into its purest form, presenting it in a way that potential customers can’t help but stop and take a look at. Colourmedia can produce award winning exhibition and display graphics for your business.

Our exhibition and display service could cover the design and layout of the exhibition stand, display stands and copy, producing promotional literature and brochures to hand out, and much more, all done with your brand in mind, designed specifically for your business. Our innovative and appealing designs are made to meet your demands – not just those of your brand and customer base, but also practical concerns like budget and floor space.

Large or small, making best use of your space should start with a priority list.

Firstly dimensions – what space do you have to play with?

This will determine more specific considerations, such as:
– What is your key message or messages?
– What type of marketing material will you want to hand out?
– Do you need incentives such as giveaways or a competition?
– How many products should you take and how many ranges?
– Can you give out samples?
– How will you gather data? – names, email, tel. numbers
– How many staff members will you need?
– Transportation before and after?
– Overnight accommodation?

By creating a matrix that you can tick off you will hopefully leave nothing behind. We can help you with the whole process – from design layouts to copy, photography and overseeing print production.
Large format printing has never been so prevalent.


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