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Many larger businesses produce printed (and digital) newsletters. The purpose of a newsletter is simple: to highlight new and positive news with one voice. They’re a great visual medium for communicating new developments, services or updates and are a much easier read than large blocks of copy – and because they’re made up of personalised, relevant content, newsletters leave your audience feeling more valued than just a standard news update would.

This strong personal connection with customers means company newsletters can be a strong tool as part of a wider advertising campaign, and this is doubly so when they are beautifully designed. We build striking, attention-grabbing templates, designed with your brand and your audience in mind, helping you create something really special for your customers.

In large companies, company-wide newsletters can be a very effective way of keeping employees up to date with the latest news. In particular, businesses with multiple sites or organisations with many companies within a group can benefit from producing a newsletter. Newsletters can instil a greater sense of achievement and pride in departments, and individuals, or indeed the firm as a whole.

Our design team work with you to deliver a comprehensive service, from initial concept and creative ideas, to artwork, copy, print and distribution. We create newsletter design that really connects with your readers, whether it’s for clients and customers or for employees within your firm. Our team will help you identify how best to reach your audience, and create a newsletter specifically designed with your company’s needs in mind.

Colourmedia have over 30 years of experience in designing for print. We can create the complete newsletter for you on a regular basis. Or we can design an Adobe inDesign Template to allow your staff to create it in-house.


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