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Concept creation through to print-ready production.

Packaging Design

Competition for shelf space has never been so intense. This means that the benefits of impactful, effective packaging design have never been so great. Creating packaging that truly stands out from the crowd is the ‘Holy Grail’, but by no means the only part of the job.

Cardboard construction, label finishes, storage and transportation are all key elements that need consideration. The technical requirements of the product are always at the forefront of our mind when coming up with a design. Knowing the practical demands that we have to work with means we can get creative and innovative with our design to produce something that looks brilliant and works perfectly.

At Colourmedia we can work with you to develop concepts from very early in the project’s inception. By visualising and testing we can help streamline processes, and ensure stakeholders and manufacturers are onboard. With our independent eye, we can design and develop everything from a set of label designs to complex, functional and die-cut cardboard construction projects.

We combine our flair for design with an eye for the practical, providing packaging design that finds a balance between aesthetics and application. We create eye-catching designs that never lose sight of the practical demands of the product, helping you to really show off your exciting products with the packaging they deserve. Our packaging design goes beyond just the product itself, though, but also slots seamlessly into your wider branding, instantly communicating your proposition and core values.

We use our understanding of your audience, and where your company has positioned itself within its industry, to produce design that instantly communicates your message and gets real results.

Some examples of where we are able to help with your next project:
– Label design
– Carton design
– Beer bottle label design
– Beer can design
– Box packaging design
– Point of sale display units
– Tin label design
– Shrink wrap design

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