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Creating in-store product focus with counter, free-standing or wall mounted displays.

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale is the ideal time to wow your customers. Make a splash with special offers, new products or seasonal promotions, from cardboard engineered display units, through to the humble hang tag.

The term point of sale (POS) covers several areas, but ultimately boils down to any form of promotional support in a retail setting – from large free-standing units that contain stacked products, to counter top tent cards. POS is a means of highlighting brand and product specific messages, USPs or discounted items.

From the outset, understanding the product, the market and locations will aid our designers in developing the best possible solution. We meet with your retail teams to create the right look and feel for your brand, and explore the most innovative ways we can use form, function and materials to capture attention and showcase your products. We work closely with your production, sales and marketing teams to set out a framework and schedule. Logistics must also be given careful consideration: The number of sites and the variation in floor, wall and counter space must be part of the brief prior to concept creation.

There is a full range of Point of Sale displays and marketing materials that we can design for print, with different materials and finishes available to truly match your specific brand, and reach your customers. These might include window displays and graphics, wall art, POS display packaging, free-standing displays, visual merchandising and much more.

Our expertise in the print for design sector means we have vast experience of providing Point of Sale graphics to companies across the UK. We create attention-grabbing, highly-visual in-store statements that help businesses get real results. We know how to get your products noticed in store, build brand recognition and drive sales, and we’ll work with you through the whole process to provide a seamless experience from start to finish.

We can manage the complete project from concept to delivery, organising printing on your behalf.


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