The power of print.

Large volume litho or short run digital, promotional print still has its place within your marketing mix.

Promotional Literature

Well designed, beautifully presented Promotional Literature is a proven solution for businesses of any size or industry. We work through the entire design process from pen to print, creating effective, impactful design for your printed literature, ready for production.

With over 30 years of experience in design for print, we’re in an excellent position to offer a wide range of services to ensure your organisation gets the most effective printed matter for your promotions.

While the volume of print has reduced due to the move to online marketing, print is certainly not dead. Digital print is continuing to develop and is giving even greater flexibility and economies of scale. Smaller print runs are now much more economically viable thanks to the cost-effective nature of digital printing – and you can get a very quick turnaround when time is of the essence.

Although digital print is often the answer, traditional (litho) print is still the most effective process for higher quantities of leaflets or brochures. Litho is generally regarded as producing the highest quality for every job specification, though in many cases digital print quality is now so good that it is hard to tell the difference. Where litho does still have the edge, though, is in offering a greater selection of available materials for printing, and finishes, such as metallic ink or UV varnishing. If specific Pantone colours are required to a high level of accuracy then litho is also the best option.

Knowing where and when to use which technique can give you a huge advantage if you get it right – we can advise on the best solution and make sure you get the most out of your budget.

Colourmedia work alongside a number of trade and non-trade printers around the UK, which allows us to adapt to specific deadlines and work with companies that work with specialist processes, such as hot foil or letterpress.


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