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Scruffy signage will never create the right impression.


Branded and directional signage surrounds us almost everywhere we go. We may not realise it, but each offers a small snapshot of the business as we start to form our first impressions. Is your signage clear, distinct, and adding impact or confusing and shabby?

It’s easy to treat your signage as an afterthought, to assume that as long as it has your business’s name on and points people in the right direction then it is doing its job – but there is much more to successful signage than meets the eye.

Think about it this way: your signage is the first thing your potential customers will see of your business, before they reach you they are already forming a first impression based on how you’ve chosen to present yourself to the world.

Beyond the design, it is equally important to make sure that your signs are well located, and not confusing. We cast our expert eye over your signage to ensure that it is doing its job as well as it should be, and find the best places to locate your rebranded signage for maximum visibility and impact.

Effective signage should always start with a careful site, or sites, review. If this is part of a larger rebranding exercise consider researching with staff members and visitors. By spending a little time on research you may find obvious gaps or weaknesses. A lack of information or simply too many signs may be causing frustration, or letting down your company’s brand image.

Colourmedia can carry out an independent site review and supply a report indicating key areas that may require change.

Working with either your preferred supplier or our own, Colourmedia can create size and material specifications along with simulated design mock-ups to show how these will look in situ.


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