A growing force.

Take advantage of a growing platform with PPC marketing on Bing.


Bing Advertising

Bing Advertising

Bing is a growing force in the PPC game, with its 23% year-on-year growth making it a viable alternative to Google Ads.

Working primarily on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis, the service allows you to target potential customers by serving ads in Yahoo and Bing results pages, with the only charge coming when a user clicks your ad and visits your website. Bing allows you to target ads to specific demographics using gender and age targeting options, as well as geographic targeting, making it perfect for highly focussed campaigns.

There is also less competition compared to Google Ads, as well as potentially lower CPC, so smaller and medium sized businesses can really use Bing Advertising to their advantage. E-commerce businesses can also benefit, with shopping ads meaning you can serve ads on the search results pages for individual products on your website.

This is a separate service to Google’s, despite sharing some similarities, and must be managed as such – the same campaign types, and even keywords, can produce very different results in the two platforms. We make sure your campaigns on both platforms are optimised to provide the best possible performance.


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