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Campaign Types

Our campaigns are tailor-made for you – and designed to have your desired outcome at the heart of it. No two campaigns are ever the same, but we find that there are a number of shared goals that businesses might have for their marketing strategies. We can produce campaigns to achieve one or more of the following goals for your business:

Event Promotion

We know how much effort goes into holding an event – that’s why we take so much pride in producing event promotions that get results. From video, social media and AdWords campaigns, to bespoke websites, arm yourself with a brilliant online marketing strategy from Colourmedia, and ensure you reach the right people in the right ways to achieve the right outcomes.

Improve Perception

How you present your business is a very important aspect of the online buying process. The way people perceive your brand can be the difference between a visitor and a customer. At Colourmedia we can give your brand a professional look and a human voice, making sure that you are not losing customers before you get the chance to win them over with your fantastic product or service.

Increase Awareness

Whether you’re a small home-run business or a Fortune 500 company, building awareness of your brand should be one of your number one priorities. We have the expertise, experience and skills to help boost your digital brand awareness, no matter who you are or who your audience is, helping to spread the word so you can get the customers you deserve.

Increase Sales

The goal for most businesses we work with is to increase their sales. We carry out in-depth research to build up an understanding of your audience, then use this understanding to create bespoke strategies that hone your site for conversion, use the right platforms at the right times, reach more people – and turn visitors into repeat customers.

Increase Traffic

What’s the best way to build awareness for your brand, increase your audience, drive up sales and generate leads, all at once? Boosting the traffic to your website. More visits mean more opportunities for sales, and more people to show off your fantastic products and services to – we can build the perfect campaign for your business, driving visitors to your site on a daily basis.

Lead Generation

Immediately establishing your business as a valuable option for consumers is a key part of lead generation. At Colourmedia, we come up with effective, creative ways of stimulating interest and providing a great user-experience to generate more leads for your business. Our techniques include inbound/outbound, landing pages, progressive forms, smart profiling, measuring lead quality, turning raw leads into actual leads and much more.


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