Innovative targeting.

Gmail’s innovative, highly targeted ad platform lets you reach their users with incredibly effective promotions.

Gmail Advertising

Gmail Advertising

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs) are a unique form of highly-targeted online advertising, which show up within personal Gmail accounts, and are based on your recent email behaviour and online purchases.

GSPs have been shown to have incredibly low Cost Per Click yet also very high Click Through Rates, with an average CTR of between 15 and 25% – but their real unique selling point is their innovative targeting that allow businesses to engage users with extremely relevant ads, based on keywords within their inbox.

There are three types of advertising that allow you to reach your desired demographic when running a GSP campaign:

  1. Rich Promotion ads appear on the desktop version of Gmail and serve as an advert to generate initial engagement.
  2. Teaser adscreate an initial engagement with a user within your target audience; upon clicking this the user will then be served the fully expanded ad, which looks just like an email – this is where the CPC will kick in.
  3. Fully expanded adsare served to a user when they have clicked on the teaser advert. This advert then expands into the email area of Gmail, which allows for videos, click to call (where relevant), brand creative and data capture to be embedded within your campaign creative.

Some of the targeting methods include:

  • IP Based geo targeting (country, state, city, and metro area)
  • Language
  • Domain ­- this allows advertisers to target specific domains in a user’s inbox, which usually means they are on mailing lists.
  • Keyword targeting ­- target specific keywords within a user’s 300 most recent active emails.
  • User Interest Verticals­ – target people by their interests (based on keywords in active inbox mapped to verticals).
  • Demographic targeting
  • Job targeting­
  • Email list targeting – target against a specific list of email addresses. This is ideal for only reaching existing subscribers.
  • Product purchase (receipt) targeting -­ target against receipts from recent purchases. This could be to upsell, or to negative target so that you’re not going after users that have purchased the same product or service.
  • Device targeting –­ whether desktop, iOS or Android, you can target by any device that provides the Gmail service.


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