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Google Shopping Advertising

Google Shopping

Google Shopping brings you to a bigger audience than ever before, driving new customers and more sales to your website. This is a great way of reaching people who are specifically looking for a product that you’re selling – product listing ads will show when someone searches for the product on Google or Google Shopping, placing your brand directly in front of your target audience at the very moment they are looking to buy.

Products appear in separate listing ads on Google in the commercial unit near the top of the page and on the right-hand side as “sponsored ads” along with other paid for ads. Shoppers are then able to compare prices on products, as well as make purchases from your online store or website. Customers will see a picture of your item, its price and your shop name. Those who click on your ad will be directed to your website where they can buy your item. Simple!

Google Shopping uses customer targeting, location and devices to ensure that the right products show for the right searches. We also provide ongoing management to make sure we’re spending the best amount of budget in the best places to get the best return, ensure the traffic is relevant and constantly refine the targeting in the shopping feed. Because ad extensions with Google Shopping include seller ratings judged on customer reviews, we make sure the best performing products are displayed – so all bases are covered.


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