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Lead Generation.

Convert your visitors to leads or enquiries by providing a user-experience that immediately demonstrates your value.


Establishing your business as a worthwhile option for consumers is a key part of lead generation. It’s about building trust from the moment they connect with your brand, often in ways they’re not actively aware of. Every visitor will have a series of questions that you need to be answering before they can consciously ask them. Does this business understand me? Can they solve my needs? What makes this product or service special? If you aren’t answering these questions, chances are you can’t answer the one they came to ask. We all hate having our time wasted – if your visitors don’t feel you can answer their enquiry, they won’t ask it in the first place.

Just as important, of course, is drumming up interest in your service, product or simply your general brand. At Colourmedia, we come up with effective, creative ways of doing both; stimulating interest and providing a great user-experience to generate more leads for your business. Our techniques include:

  • Inbound/outbound
  • Landing pages
  • Progressive forms
  • Smart profiling
  • Measuring lead quality
  • Turning raw leads into actual leads

Making sure your value proposition – that is, how your product or service meets the needs of your customers – is clear and user-friendly is the secret to any lead generating website. On average, you’ll only have a few seconds to win over your visitors, so it’s important your site instantly gets your message across.

Any successful lead generation campaign will be built around strong SEO – after all, that’s what will guide consumers to your website when they have a query related to your product or service. Likewise, using PPC to get your site onto the front page of Google and other search engines is a great way to drive visitors to your website.

Our inbound and outbound lead generation campaigns combine all the different elements of our digital marketing – mixing event promotion with content marketing, SEO and PPC with outreach, whatever best meets your needs.

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