Inspire and influence.

Pinterest’s millions of users are actively looking for purchasing inspiration, making it the perfect platform for brands.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is a social network that is almost tailor-made for businesses. Its monthly user-base of more than 200 million people come to the site looking to find inspiration for design, for food, for clothing, for gifts – in short, for buying.

This makes it a top destination for brands to advertise; remarkably, research from Millward Brown has found that 87% of Pinterest users have purchased a product because of Pinterest – and that 93% of ‘Pinners’ have used Pinterest to plan a future purchase. Pinterest differs from other social networks in that its users are actively seeking out brands and businesses to help influence their purchasing decisions, so your Pins promoting your products and services are a welcome, valuable part of the user experience.

As on most other social networks, you can pay to promote any content you create so that it is seen by more people. These Promoted Pins can take many forms, from a standard text and image, to video Pins, one-tap Pins that take people straight to the source of the content, even Pins that allow people to download iOS apps directly from the Pin. Pinterest itself states that more than 75% of saved Pins come from businesses, so your Promoted Pins won’t interrupt or distract users, instead helping them find more of the products and services that they’re looking for.

Promoted Pins can be targeted towards specific user-groups, using keywords, user demographics, search terms and interests, allowing you to reach a very specific audience, increasing your brand’s visibility amongst your target customer-base, and ultimately helping to drive conversions. We can manage your Pinterest content, making sure that you’re targeting the right demographics and keywords, and that your campaigns are performing optimally.


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