Music to your ears.

The world’s largest music streaming platform is the perfect place to get your message heard.

Spotify Advertising

Spotify Advertising

Around half of the world’s internet users are now streaming content on a weekly basis – and 75% of those who stream music believe that receiving advertising is a reasonable price to pay for free audio content. Streaming has reached the mainstream, and with Spotify advertising you can get your brand’s message heard on the world’s largest dedicated music streaming platform.

A user-base approaching 100 million, from 58 different countries, listening to an average of 148 minutes of music a day – that’s the audience you’ll be reaching, with more than three quarters of Spotify’s subscribers using its free ad-supported platform. Every 15 minutes, these users receive audio, video and image ads in between tracks, with desktop listeners presented with scrolling text that can take them directly to your website – as well as receiving 30 second display ads that are charged on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis.

This is a growing, diversifying market – primarily fuelled by a younger generation that has grown up streaming, but also with 1 in 3 users over the age of 35. It is also a loyal, captive audience that is more than happy to receive your ads in exchange for the service, with more than 80% of users tuning in multiple times per week.

Spotify is a great platform for digital advertising, and comes with a number of features that allow you to create some really interesting campaigns.

Playlist targeting is one of these features – serving your ads to people based on what music they’re listening to. A sports brand can target everyone listening to Spotify’s workout playlists, for instance – or users listening to travel themed playlists (like Ibiza) could be targeted by travel or lifestyle brands.

You can target your market based on demographics as well – using age, gender, language and location to narrow down your audience, right down to a particular city and specific time of day. You can even target people based on the device they’re using and their network provider.

Your ads can also be shown in a particular order – meaning you can create a narrative to tell the story of your business and build your brand’s image.


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