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Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Advertising on Twitter can be one of the most engaging ways to promote your goods and services, especially for mobile – with more than one billion devices being reached on a monthly basis by Twitter Ads.

Twitter is one of the oldest players in the game when it comes to social media advertising, with nearly 80% of US marketers using Promoted Tweets by June 2014. These days, almost every savvy business is using Twitter Advertising – and it is particularly effective for small and medium sized businesses.

Promoted content on Twitter is all about quality. Content is created to serve a purpose to users – any spammy posts will simply be ignored. It generally comes in three forms:

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are ordinary posts, clearly labelled as “Promoted”, that come with the added bonus of reaching more people who are interested in your business. Users can interact with promoted tweets as they would with a normal tweet – this includes favouriting, replying and retweeting. Promoted tweets can be very effective at driving both awareness and action – this could be traffic to your website, offering coupons and deals, drive leads by using Lead Generation Cards, advertise sales and competitions, increase your audience reach, promote awareness around events and product launches, and so much more.

Promoted Accounts

Promoted accounts are suggested Twitter accounts that appear on someone’s Twitter feed. These are always related to the type of Twitter accounts a user already follows, meaning there’s a high chance the user wants, likes or needs your product or service – you will only show up for users whose interests match your business. Once these users are following you, you have the opportunity to engage with them, every day, for free, with your organic tweets. This is a great way to drive purchases, web traffic, and leads as well as increasing brand awareness and even word of mouth sharing.

Promoted Trends

Trends are the most popular topics being talked about on Twitter at that moment in time. Now you can pay to appear at the very top of the Trending Topics list on Twitter and promote your very own trends based on time, context and event-sensitive factors.

We can create personalised Twitter ads designed to reflect your brand and keep track of any results, and craft Twitter Advertising campaigns to drive leads, website clicks and conversions, build followers, boost engagement – anything you may require.


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