Untapped potential.

New business policies mean you now have the opportunity to directly reach WhatsApp’s vast user base.

WhatsApp Advertising

WhatsApp Advertising

WhatsApp boasts a user base of more than one billion people every month. Reach its users directly and develop a loyal following for your brand on the world’s most popular messaging app.

Changes to WhatsApp’s business policy in August 2016 mean that businesses are now able to contact their opted-in customers with notifications using the app. Messages that might typically have been sent via SMS – for instance a ticketing alert or a special offer – can now be sent via WhatsApp instead, with a 70% open rate offering unparalleled reach for your messages.

Benefits to using WhatsApp for your marketing include:

  • Algorithm-free – your messages won’t be deprioritised or filtered out – so you can reach your entire contact list.
  • Uncluttered inbox – as a newer platform with strict messaging rules, your customers won’t dismiss your message as spam or lose it in a mass of marketing communications.
  • Rapid conversion – you’ll get a fast reaction from your audience as a result of the quick delivery and attention-grabbing notification.
  • Loyal audience – you’ll only be sending messages to the customers who really want to hear from you, allowing you to build a loyal following with a more informal line of communication.
  • Multimedia content – add images, sound and videos to your messages.
  • Event promotion

WhatsApp provides you with a way to directly contact those with the most interest in your brand. If you’re looking to generate ticket sales, for instance, links to ticket sites can be embedded into the message, or recipients can RSVP by replying directly.

Product launch

WhatsApp’s broadcast list allows you to reach all your opted-in customers in bulk, perfect for when you’re looking to tell the world about your brilliant new product. You can even attach images or videos of the product, giving users all the information they need to convince them to head to your site and purchase.

Promotions & offers

Ideal for time-sensitive offers, WhatsApp can reach your recipients immediately and provoke a swift response. For instance, sending unique offer codes to your WhatsApp customers is a great way to create a surge of mobile traffic, while link tracking means you can measure the success of your bulk sends.


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