27 October 2017 Chris Marshall

Event Promotion

We know how much effort goes into holding an event – that’s why we take so much pride in making sure our event promotions are as effective as possible. Our clients deserve to have their event be a success. Arming yourself with a brilliant online marketing strategy goes a long way to achieving that.


There are now so many ways for you to capture your target audience’s attention that it can be hard to know where exactly to start. We know how to effectively use each platform available to you and – more importantly – which ones to use and when to make your event a success. There’s no such thing as a perfect ‘catch-all’ event marketing plan – each event is unique in its own right, with its own target audience, budget and selling point. That’s why we’ll consult with you every step of the way to create the right strategy for you.

Creating the perfect website for the event is a great place to start. Having a central hub to drive your audience to, where people can convey an early interest in the event, register online securely, and receive detailed information about the event, is a great way to quickly build up a public presence. We have 15+ years’ experience of building websites for our clients, and our design specialists can produce fantastic video and graphics content, which are all fantastic ways to draw attention.

Video content, in particular, is a great way to engage users. Not only does it offer your target audience a visual glimpse into the event, it is also viewed favourably by social media algorithms on sites such as Facebook, as well as really helping your Google SEO, pushing your presence on multiple platforms. We can also manage your social media campaigns, spreading the message directly to your target audience.

Building a social media presence early is very important for creating momentum for the promotion of your event. This doesn’t just mean Facebook and Twitter – although both platforms will play an important role – but also Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat and many others are worth considering to have maximum impact. We make sure you engage your target audience in the places they love to hang out – creating a feeling of community around your event.

Targeting a specific audience also allows you to use Google AdWords to make sure you get seen by people already looking for an event like yours. Google accounts for 91% of the UK’s search engine usage, so whether you’re organising a concert, a marathon or a bake sale, making sure you’re in front of its users is absolutely essential.

Our strategies work for you, ensuring that you reach the right people in the right ways to achieve the right outcomes. There are so many different options available to you; we make sure you use the right ones at the right time, leaving you free to focus on the event itself while we help make it as successful as possible.