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Project Management

For any web project to be a success it requires project management that is open and effective. We have a collaborative approach to our projects, using our experience and expertise to create great results, but always being open and available for you to view our progress and provide feedback.

At the start of every new web project we will sit down with you for a meeting to discuss the upcoming project. We want to get to know you and your business and open up a dialogue for the coming weeks and months, and make sure our team grasps the entire scope of the project before anything gets underway. As well as giving us the optimal start to the project, this allows you to get to know us, too, and develop an understanding with the team you’ll be working with.

We provide a central online space where you can monitor our progress and upload content for us to use. Throughout the project we will send you links to the developing site so you can see your new website grow, while your project manager will answer any questions you may have at any point of the process – you will have a direct line to them so you’ll be able to get straight in touch.

No two projects are the same, so the time it takes for a web project to go from start to finish will vary from project to project. However, we will provide you with a full schedule of works at the very start of the project, allowing you to see each stage of your new website, from initial concept through to completion. Depending on complexity it could all be done in a matter of weeks, or it could take months – but we’ll be there to keep you informed every step of the way.


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