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Here at Colourmedia, we have web development experience dating back to the start of the last decade. We know what works, and we know what we’re doing – but that doesn’t mean we’re set in our ways. In fact, in our experience the key to success is to always look to the future, and that means embracing the latest in browser and web design technology.

There is an endless list of new browser possibilities we can take advantage of thanks to ever-advancing technology and ever-increasing internet speeds. Five years ago, average household internet speeds in the UK sat in single figures, at 9.0Mbps – it has more than tripled in that time, reaching an average of 36.2Mbps in April 2017. When combined with the rapid progress of browser technology and the vast proliferation of modern smartphone and tablet devices, users now possess the means to support complex, innovative, cutting edge technology – meaning there is almost no limit to what we can now do with your website, from HTML5 video that seamlessly integrates into your site, to clever animation effects that keep your site looking great even as it loads.

This progress also means that sites that don’t keep up with technological changes quickly become dated and left behind. High-resolution displays are often met with grainy images when sites haven’t been built with them in mind – so we use double density images and SVG graphics. The rapid growth of mobile and multi-platforming users means sites now need to work just as well regardless of device – so we use Responsive Web Design. We use a whole range of innovative technologies that keep your site at the forefront of the world wide web – no gimmicks, just new tools to create an ever improving UX for your visitors, and a look that dazzles.


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