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UX & UI Design

Your customers’ expectations for their online experience with your business are set almost immediately by the look and feel of your site. Getting the User Experience and User Interface design right is vital for ensuring you nail that crucial first impression.

Here at Colourmedia we are dedicated to building websites that will make our clients stand head and shoulders above their competition. We combine an eye for design and technical know-how to provide a harmonious balance of gorgeous UI and seamless UX, creating sites that are engaging, beautiful and provide a smooth, easy user experience for visitors.

We know that people are more likely to engage with a business if their website stands apart from the rest of the competition – particularly in a digital era where a website is often the first point of contact a visitor will have with a business. That’s why our team of designers and web developers use the latest in web technology to create daring designs that are bursting with quality and innovative thinking.

Just as every business is unique in its own right, so too are the designs that we use. We collaborate with our clients to project what it is that sets you and your business apart, working to build the perfect website for you and you alone.

We will create a site that is unique to you, taking on board any of your existing branding – meaning that you are left with a site that slots seamlessly into your wider brand, in addition to being a stand out piece of design in its own right.


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